As a pioneer, we enable sustainability through technology and engineering. As a role model, we are committed to fair and attractive working conditions and a careful approach to the environment. As a partner, we commit ourselves and our environment to sustainability and make our performance transparent.

For IAV, sustainability has become even more important in all its dimensions: ecological, economic, and social. With our commitment to sustainable business practices, we’re not only meeting the expectations of our customers, our fellow citizens, and politicians. First and foremost, we’re also meeting our own standards of responsible corporate conduct. Our purpose “We’re moving the world for the better through technology and engineering” is the foundation of our joint efforts for a sustainable future, which connects us not only in Germany but across all locations worldwide.

IAV has developed its value system accordingly and firmly anchored the issue of sustainability within it: “We take responsibility.” for our developments, services, and products – worldwide. We are committed to sustainability in order to preserve a livable environment for future generations. Four key areas of action are derived from this, within which specific initiatives will be used to demonstrate how we are living up to our responsibility for our business, for our employees, for the environment, and for society.

Fields of action

Responsibility for our business

IAV maintains long-term business relationships that have been based on mutual trust for decades. All employees work in cross-divisional cooperation to sustainably strengthen the position of customers in the market. To ensure the quality of services and products, the sustainable actions of all business partners are also essential.

Just as it goes without saying that IAV provides top engineering for its customers, IAV also consistently complies with statutory and other regulatory requirements. IAV stands for responsible corporate management in the context of corporate governance and compliance. The Code of Conduct sets a binding framework within which all employees worldwide make decisions and act in accordance with uniform legal and ethical standards.

IAV Purpose Verantwortung

«Taking responsibility means being accountable for one’s actions. Each of us in turn supports the compliance culture for the long term.»

Nicole Ruff — Compliance Management

since 2019
Supplier Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct for business partners was issued in 2019. The aim is to enforce IAV’s understanding of values and sustainability in the supply chains. IAV has initiated various activities for this purpose and is working on their realization.

26 locations
Compliance organization

With local contact persons at the subsidiaries as well as central and decentralized units, IAV covers the entire portfolio of compliance issues.

Responsibility for our employees

As an employer of more than 7,500 employees in Germany, IAV bears responsibility for a large workforce. Employees are provided with a stimulating environment in which they can realize their ideas in a spirit of partnership within a sustainable range of tasks. In particular, the long-term nature of employment relationships is of key importance in times of digital transformation. During the transformation process in the automotive industry, employees must be offered both prospects and security. The reliability of employment relationships at IAV is demonstrated, among other things, by a high average period of employment of over eight years and a low fluctuation rate in 2020. The goal is therefore to attract and retain the best talent by providing an attractive working environment. For this reason, IAV is driving cultural change, ensuring flexibility, and using modern tools in human resources work.

IAV Purpose Partnerschaftlichkeit

«There are real team players working at IAV. Interdisciplinary and cross-functional collaboration is paramount.»

Dorothee Reuter — Employer Branding and HR Marketing

Employee satisfaction

The annual “employee survey” uses targeted questions to survey employee satisfaction. In 2020, the overall index was a pleasing 75.2 out of 100 index points and thus above the level from the previous year.


IAV accompanies employees’ individual career and professional paths and offers them a wide range of advanced and further training measures.

over 70

The workforce is characterized by diversity. The more individual the employees and their backgrounds, the more diverse the ideas that make IAV a leading global engineering partner.

Responsibility for the environment

The European Commission’s goal of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 is both an incentive and an opportunity for us. An incentive, in that we aim to continuously reduce the CO2 emissions of our business processes, and opportunity, in that we develop technologies and concepts for sustainable mobility. IAV is intensively involved in climate-friendly drive systems – both electric, hydrogen, and gas drives as well as hybrid vehicles – and likewise in reducing the consumption and emissions of gasoline and diesel engines. For IAV, sustainability does not end with the engineering of drive systems, but is considered over their entire life cycle.

IAV’s aspiration is to use innovative and environmentally friendly methods throughout the company in the provision of services and to continuously improve energy and resource efficiency in the operation of buildings, facilities, and vehicles. At IAV, the careful and, if possible, waste-free use of resources and the avoidance of environmental pollution are in harmony with economic success. All employees bear responsibility for this.

IAV Purpose Technologiebegeisterung

«Sustainability does not have to mean doing without. New technologies can also make sustainability possible without constraints.»

Robert Kasprowicz — Trendscouting and Innovation

88,236 MWh
Total energy consumption

The largest share of energy consumption is accounted for by fuels for operating vehicles, followed by electric power and the heating energy required for air conditioning buildings and conditioning test rigs.

17,862 t CO₂
CO₂ emissions altogether

CO₂ emissions were significantly reduced in 2020 by switching electricity supply contracts. The shift is from conventional energy mixes to exclusively renewable energy.

825 t
Total waste volume

In 2020, all non-hazardous waste and approx. 60% of hazardous waste was recycled or incinerated in accordance with the German Circular Economy Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz).

Responsibility for society

Societal developments such as environmental and climate protection, the conflict between urbanization and the demand for basic subsistence in rural areas, demographic change, and the state’s will to regulate will determine the future of mobility. To meet these challenges, IAV is developing an understanding of the entire value chain of mobility concepts and is building a partner network to cover this chain as a whole. IAV derives three mobility initiatives from its mobility strategy: autonomous driving, multi-modal mobility concepts, and grid-supported charging.

IAV is also involved in publicly funded research and development projects. These make a significant contribution to the technological progress of society, strengthen existing industries, and support the development of new industries of the future. IAV uses these projects to expand its expertise for a future-proof edge in know-how.

IAV Purpose Innovationskraft

«With our innovative strength, we not only solve technical problems, but also social challenges.»

Hans-Christian Winter — Business Development Mobility

3.1 million euros
Public funding for future projects in 2020

Together with partners from science and industry, IAV is developing solutions in many projects that will shape the mobility of tomorrow and beyond.

5,000 euros
Donations and sponsoring

By promoting social projects, IAV fulfills its role as part of society. The focus is on mobility education in school and University projects as well as support for people in need.