IAV Take Day

IAV has officially opened its newly established office in Zhenru, Shanghai. We cordially invite you to join us in celebrating this major milestone with our opening ceremony.

The official opening ceremony will be followed by a Technology Day, where you will have the opportunity to see for yourself our latest technological developments.

Event Calendar

10:00-12:30 Opening Ceremony & Tea Break

12:30-15:20 Technical workshop

  • sub-conference1:ADAS/Self-Driving Vehicle
  • sub-conference2:Smart Cockpit
  • sub-conference3:Powertrain & Chassis
  • sub-conference4:Connected Software

15:20-15:30 Closing Ceremony

IAV Take Day: Creating with Ai, Creating the Extraordinary

IAV will organize an exciting Technology Day, which will bring together renowned experts and researchers in the industry to share the latest technological achievements and trends. From various presentations to in-depth discussions and physical displays, we hope to build a platform for interaction and sharing, encouraging everyone to explore the infinite possibilities of future automotive technology.


Leveraging a high-performance database and AI, we provide a platform for efficient development of L1 to L4 autonomous driving functions. This platform accelerates parallel simulation by deploying on your private cloud and reducing resources involved in testing scenarios. Our IAV Valideum Sample tool significantly cuts down on costs and time, easily integrates into existing systems, and allows customizable simulations based on your natural language input.
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Smart Cockpit

Enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness by enabling your experts to work globally and automating repetitive tasks for 24/7 testing. We utilize AI for enhanced driving experiences through exterior filming and display, adaptive restraint systems with CNN for occupant customization, and Unity HMI prototypes for efficient HMI UI&UX design verification.
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Powertrain & Chassis

Using a novel, cost-neutral method, we can significantly lower drive motor temperatures without reducing power, increasing the durability and cooling performance of the power electronics module. This technology applies to various engine systems. Additionally, our fully automated D.APP Diagnostics platform customizes tests for automotive ECUs, ensuring efficient, qualified solutions backed by a comprehensive test case library.
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Connected Software

IAV is shaping the future of electromobility and autonomous driving through software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Using in-depth engineering expertise, we develop flexible, updatable functions and ensure compliance with international standards like the EU Data and AI Act. To optimize testing processes, we use a unique tool that improves test focus and resource utilization by 25%.

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