IAV at the IFAT Munich 2024

13.05.2024 — 15.05.2024
Munich, Germany

What bwe develop moves you!
IAV has been developing innovative concepts and technologies in all areas of electronics, powertrain, and vehicle development as an engineering partner to the automotive industry for over 30 years. In its core competencies, IAV has successfully applied data analytics methods—such as AI for optimization tasks—in automotive engineering.

In line with the “Not Invented Here” mindset and the idea of cross-industry innovation, IAV also applies procedures, processes, and technologies that are successfully used in the automotive industry to other sectors.

IAV has been involved in the water industry since 2017. More (…)

AI in water management

Since the introduction of ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence has penetrated into the mainstream of society. Water management, certainly not a pioneer in the application of AI, is increasingly utilizing this technology to address important challenges in its field. What generative AI can do in general and what solutions it specifically offers for water management can be read in a conversation with Dr. Matthias Pätsch from IAV and the magazine gwf-Wasser + Abwasser.
> AI in extreme weather
> Interview from the magazine gwf-Wasser + Abwasser

Vehicles as mobile sensors

Local heavy rainfall events are increasing and are difficult to predict accurately in terms of their exact location and timing of occurrence. Therefore, early warning systems need to be further developed in terms of their spatial and temporal accuracy. In the research project “mobileVIEW,” IAV, together with two partners, developed a new approach: sensors in vehicles served as mobile measurement stations to provide geographically high-resolution data for short-term forecasts. In addition to water management, fire departments, disaster relief organizations, and citizens could benefit from this. More (…)

Early Detection in Wastewater

Corona Frühwarnsystem

Wastewater is a reflection of our society. The detection and early identification of substances in wastewater—such as in the context of indirect discharger monitoring—can be helpful in preventing, combating, and avoiding risky discharges. The coronavirus, for instance, makes this clear: the quicker and more precisely outbreaks can be localized, the better they can be contained. IAV has developed a coronavirus early warning system that detects the virus inwastewater—much earlier than human tests can. This provides a valuable time advantage. More (…)