Diversity Story with Nataša

Diversity as Innovation Driver

21.10.2022  — 

Find out in her Diversity Story why Nataša, as a Key Account Manager, believes in more diversity in the workplace!

She also reports

  • what role her family’s roots play for her
  • why she values mixed IAV teams, especially in tech sales
  • how we can tackle stereotypes
  • what an open perception of people and their needs can do for the way we relate to one another

Nataša a is now one of two Key Account Managers at IAV and, as a woman, feels very well supported by her colleagues.

She has two wishes: she would love to tackle her job with more female colleagues! And with about 70 nationalities represented in our company, we may come across names that we have never heard before, so she encourages us to ask directly: “’How is your name pronounced, how do I spell it correctly?’ Asking is an act of appreciation!”

Welcome, diversity!