Formula Student Germany: Racing tinkerers in competition

15.08.2022  — 

Hockenheim – Instead of lecture halls and seminar rooms, they are putting their skills to the test on racetracks: university teams from all over the world will spend seven days starting today at the Hockenheimring to compete against other universities in the “Formula Student Germany” (FSG). And it’s not the fastest car that wins, but the best package of design, performance and business plan.

IAV Formula Student Germany vdoehla
© FSG – Gina Doehla

«This is better than any internship. You learn early on how to structure your work under a variety of pressures. At the FSG, you have the opportunity to experience all levels of a racing project.»

Sheldon Rebernik — Alumni of the "munichmotorsport" team at Munich University of Applied Sciences and a development engineer at IAV for three years

There are 92 teams registered in the combustion and electric categories. However, with 176 teams withdrawing their participation from this year’s event, the list of cancellations is almost twice as long – an indication of the high demands that the jurors already place on the young engineers when they register.

For the event, which has been held annually in Hockenheim since 2006, the students design, engineer and build their own racing cars. Each vehicle competing in the FSG has to pass various tests for approval, including tests in the field of autonomous driving.

IAV Rennstrecke Hockenheim maru
© FSG – Vivek Maru

IAV promotes young engineers

Whether in design, organisation or marketing – during the long preparation period for the FSG, the participants acquire a great deal of knowledge that will be of great benefit to them in their future careers.

The teams are supported in particular by vehicle manufacturers, suppliers and technology partners such as IAV with financial resources and know-how. The Berlin-based tech solution provider has been sponsoring various teams for many years, in 2022 including “FaSTTUBe” from the TU Berlin, the “Lions Racing Team” from the TU Braunschweig and “munichmotorsport”.

In addition, IAV has been the main sponsor of the event at the Hockenheimring since 2008, which is also used as a valuable contact exchange. The aim here is to raise IAV’s profile as an attractive employer as well as to attract suitable young professionals and to promote itself.