IAV to Showcase Advanced, Convenient Connected Technologies at CES 2018

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Four demo vehicles and various partnerships highlight IAV’s journey toward digital mobility

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IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc., a leading engineering services firm, will be showcasing its newest connected driving solutions on four demo vehicles at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. IAV has been working with various leading players in the automotive and IT fields to create cloud- based solutions that increase consumer convenience, comfort and safety.

“The connected vehicle sector is creating some very exciting opportunities for the future, and we’re proud to continue to be a leader in this space,” said Chris Hennessy, vice president of IAV Automotive Engineering, Inc. “CES allows us the perfect platform to showcase the fascinating developments that occur when IT and automotive companies combine forces to create cutting-edge technologies.”

Each of IAV’s demo vehicles will feature at least one cloud-based technology that enhance the driver’s time on the road. Demos examine technologies that provide consumers intelligent safety analysis; adaptable, personalized experiences; repairs made easy; and savvy shopping.

“With the demand for fully autonomous vehicles increasing at a rapid pace, we’ve remained focused on innovating connected technologies that will greatly improve the driving experience as consumers know it today,” said Carsten Rinka, global sales director of IAV GmbH. “As a leading engineering services firm with exceptional expertise in connectivity, our demonstrations at CES give a great snapshot of what we’re capable of and where the industry is headed.”

Demo One – Intelligent Safety Analysis and Authentication of Vehicle Users

With the risks of cyber security threats that modern data connections are open to, IAV, in partnership with Karamba Security, created an Automotive Security Defense Center prototype to showcase how these attacks can be prevented to protect the connected vehicle. The prototype constantly monitors the vehicle for OEM and fleet operators to detect and avert attacks, analyzes weak points and any issues noted by OEMs to close security gaps, and incorporates routine software updates. The demo at CES will illustrate a hack attempt and how it can be prevented.

Also part of the same demo is IAV’s “Authentication of Vehicle Users.” IAV worked with FaceTec, Inc. to develop a smart, flexible and secure access point through biometric authentication that allows smartphones to act as substitutes for car keys. Drivers utilize a facial recognition app to gain secure and convenient access to the vehicle. Conceivably, along with this feature, the app links the driver’s personalized settings (such as preferred seat position, temperature and music) into the authentication process.

In addition, the demo car also incorporates “Remote Control.” Demonstrating parking in the age of autonomous mobility, IAV will showcase how drivers, upon exiting the vehicle, can use a tablet, computer or smartphone to safely maneuver the car into a parking space.

Demo Two – Adaptable, Personalized Experiences

To personalize the driving experience, IAV’s “Simply Cozy” ensures all passengers experience a comfortable ride without having to manually adjust the settings. Instead, the in-vehicle thermal control system automatically adjusts to the passenger’s preferred settings by incorporating real-time cloud data to obtain personal profiles and schedules, and adaptive algorithms that evaluate data related to physical states. The goal of this feature is to detect the relationship between the thermal boundary conditions and the driver’s preferred comfort levels with a high degree of reliability. This energy-efficient control is possible through extracting personal identification information from personal devices, and using that data to provide passengers the maximum level of comfort.

Also included in this demo is IAV’s “Up-to-Date. Up to You,” which further demonstrates the possibilities for enhancing the flexibility and customization of the modern vehicle’s architecture. By exploiting the full potential of current open standards such as Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR, this demo showcases how consumers can make adjustments and upgrades to their vehicle system through app downloads. One upgrade example is downloading a preferred type of ambient lighting. Likewise, through artificial intelligence algorithms, this display showcases a user-centered digital ecosystem with the capability for users to add customized behaviors to vehicle handling. For example, users can set a specific hand gesture to open and close the trunk vs. using a key. Further customization makes the vehicle smart enough to anticipate what the driver will want and makes suggestions to aid comfort and convenience.

Demo Three – Repairs Made Easy

In an effort to make driving safer and keep drivers informed of potentially hazardous scenarios, IAV has developed “Smart Service” technology. Audiovisual information is sent to the driver as soon as a service event occurs while a remote diagnosis assesses how the driver should proceed based on the vehicle’s condition. In tandem, a nearby repair shop is informed of the service issue, allowing the service center to process information such as the current malfunction, statistical data and predictive analysis before the vehicle arrives in the shop. As part of the demo, augmented reality technology, presented by IAV’s partner Arvato, is used at the repair shop to visualize component information, specifically the faulty parts.

Demo Four – Savvy Shopping

Building on the success of its AutoMotive MarketPlace demo from CES 2017, IAV has enhanced the technology, renamed Drive2Shop, to be a comprehensive CarCommerce platform.

Drive2Shop immediately makes vehicles an essential part of the newly emerging smart cities. Connected with retailers and service providers, the platform finds sought after products and services and orders them. Navigated directly to the next supplier or provider, this lets consumers check off their shopping list while out on the road – without extra mileage and detours, all very conveniently without having to spend time searching and waiting.

This technology gives car manufacturers valuable and high-frequency communication with their customers. For brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers reliant on omnichannel sales in the age of digital markets, CarCommerce will create a sales market worth billions. The new sales network gives them access to a customer segment that has previously bypassed retailers. Ultimately, society in general will benefit from the intelligent shopping assistants through fewer shopping trips, resulting in significantly lower emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Booth visitors will be able to experience this technology through various shopping scenarios.

IAV Booth

CES takes place Jan. 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas. IAV and partnering companies will be on-site at booth NP-13 and NP-13b at the Las Vegas Convention Center North Plaza. For more information on IAV’s participation at CES 2018, visit: www.iav.com/en/ces.

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