Staggered salary increase for employees

IG Metall and IAV reach wage agreement

22.12.2023  — 

Employees at engineering services provider IAV will receive a 6.5 percent pay rise from 1 June next year, at least 250 Euros for full-time employees. A further increase of an additional 3.3 percent will follow on 1 February 2025. This was agreed by IG Metall and IAV in the second round of negotiations in Berlin on Thursday, 21 December. The collective agreement has a term of 18 months.

Uwe Horn
“This agreement brings noticeably more money into everyone's wallets,” says Labor Director Dr Uwe Horn

The agreement applies as a nationwide in-house collective agreement for all IAV employees, including trainees. Members of IG Metall will also receive an additional working day off.

Johannes Katzan, IG_Metall | Foto: Jelca Kollatsch

Johannes Katzan, chief negotiator for IG Metall: “Only together can we achieve our goals: increasing real wage growth and ensuring attractive working conditions. I am particularly pleased that we have succeeded in guaranteeing IG Metall members an additional working day off per year from 2024. The parties to the collective agreement are working together to ensure a successful future for our colleagues and the company. And the fact that we have achieved this before Christmas shows the responsible culture of cooperation at IAV.”

Uwe Horn
Dr Uwe Horn, IAV

Director of Labor Relations and member of the Management Board Dr. Uwe Horn: “We fought hard in the negotiation rounds, because as IAV’s management, we also bear a great responsibility for the future of the company and its employees. I am therefore very pleased that we were able to reach an agreement and a fair wage settlement with IG Metall before Christmas. This agreement brings noticeably more money into everyone’s wallets.”

Martin Mahlke
Martin Mahlke, IAV

CFO Martin Mahlke: “We have to master these challenges and issues together. We are a reliable and trustworthy collective bargaining partner, work closely together and stand for the sustainable and successful development of IAV. As a company, however, we must continue to generate attractive returns for our shareholders. With the agreement we have reached, we are reasonably positioned and can continue to invest in growth areas in the future.”