IAV Gaseous-Fuel Vehicles

When IAV began developing conventional gasoline-engined vehicles to run on gaseous fuels back in 1992, a good deal of pioneering work lay ahead of our engineers.

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In the years that have followed, we have taken our own developments to the market in virtually all relevant fields. Remaining true to this all-embracing approach, we have made it one of our greatest assets. Today, IAV develops gaseous-fuel vehicles for mass production. In addition to optimizing the drivability of gaseous-fuel vehicles and their exhaust emissions, we can also provide any service requested from the entire vehicle development spectrum: base-engine development, electrics/electronics, bodywork adaptation and package for CNG/LPG-specific components, crash safety, validation and endurance tests, homologation support, production planning and training for the production staff of our OEM partners.

Our focus today lies on developing production-ready solutions. Yet our “zero-mileage conversion concepts”, in which we convert small numbers of our partners’ vehicles to operate on gaseous fuel, continue to play an important part too. As we look after each of the vehicles we convert over hundreds of thousands of miles in use, our engineers know exactly where the particular demands lie in running vehicles on gaseous fuels or where problems can occur. This allows us to gain important experience we then channel into our production-level development projects.

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