Less congestion and fewer accidents, lower CO2 emissions – connected vehicles will make traffic far smoother, safer and more sustainable. When it comes to connectivity, IAV has profound methodology expertise and a vast range of innovative concepts and can often provide solutions before customers even ask for them.

At the moment, a completely new ecosystem consisting of vehicles and their surrounding infrastructure is evolving. Increasing connectivity is providing the key to new functions that will significantly improve road safety, traffic efficiency as well as passenger comfort. In particular, automated driving is inconceivable without connectivity. In addition, there is a trend towards regarding the vehicle as a platform for more and more services. These are often transferred to the car “over the air” and unable to work by themselves without being permanently connected to cloud-based functions. Furthermore, ad hoc communication needs a constant connection to the infrastructure and to other road users.

This will lead to a further increase in the level of software involved in vehicle development and make agile methods indispensable. In addition, new companies from the IT and telecommunications sectors come face to face with conventional OEMs in the area of connected vehicles. IAV has decades of experience in both vehicle and software development and is not only capable of developing new functions but can also take them reliably to the level of volume production. In addition to our domain and methodology expertise, we can also offer our customers new solution concepts.

“When it comes to connectivity, we benefit in particular from our interdisciplinary expertise: the language IAV speaks is automotive, infrastructure and IT!”

Uwe Gropengießer — Team Manager Predictive Safety

Many successful customer projects, proprietary development work and research partnerships as well as publications and standardization activities (e.g. within ETSI) are testimony to our expertise. For example, IAV has developed a cloud-based wrong-way driver detection system that identifies a wrong-way driver in just 30 seconds while warning all nearby vehicles. To develop and test new connectivity functions of this type, we use our own vehicles, infrastructures and simulations, such as the IAV BackendTestSuite. In addition to agile software development, we also apply innovative requirements management, new methods of artificial intelligence (e.g. deep learning) as well as test concepts.

This combination of experience and innovative approaches enables us to advise our customers as partners on equal terms. Our service portfolio includes among others concepts, technical and requirements specifications, prototype software, vehicle conversions, test concepts and test cases, processed measurement data, products, services and test automation. And as our experts look well into the future, they can often provide answers and tools before a customer even asks for them.

Increasingly, connected vehicles will help to optimize the flow of traffic and plan routes more efficiently. Yet they not only promise greater road safety and fewer accidents. Less congestion and enhanced driving efficiency will also reduce fuel consumption and, as a consequence, CO2 emissions from the mobility sector.

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