Product Life Cycle

Our work is by no means at an end when we hand over our engineering results. On request we continue to support our customers with after-sales, quality assurance and eDiscovery as well as software & IT for sales, distribution and service.

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Digitization plays an increasing role in the product life cycle. IAV therefore supports its customers with innovative software and IT systems to assist them throughout the entire product life cycle. After-sales is just one example. When it comes to updating the software of volume-produced control units, our specialists work hand-in-hand with the engineers and customer service to coordinate the process and ensure that customer service always receives the correct software version. We are also working on new diagnostic systems and end-to-end diagnostic concepts for connected vehicles. Furthermore, we develop innovative services that facilitate new, attractive business models in after-sales. Examples include over-the-air updates and remote diagnostics as well as predictive diagnostics and maintenance solutions.

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We assist our customers with their quality assurance, offering professional in-service monitoring to avoid guarantee costs and prevent negative impacts on the brand image. We can analyze customer service data on a global scale and identify the most frequent failure sources. Linking various data sources permits the early identification of certain components or software statuses that are causing problems. We then work together with the specialist departments to develop remedial action.

We also bridge the gap between the automotive and digital worlds when it comes to sales, distribution and service. For example, our experts are developing diagnostic systems for garages, from requirements management and technical specification via programming, software test and roll-out assistance through to support for the user.

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An IAV team of engineers, information scientists and commercial law specialists support our customers with expert opinions, technical research and in the preparation of court proceedings, particularly in the USA (eDiscovery). Our participation in various projects has made us familiar with the processes involved in legal departments and the patent system. We have already supported OEMs and suppliers in many legal disputes. In its work, the team can rely on the technical know-how of roughly 7,000 IAV engineers from all over the world which makes us an established partner for OEMs, suppliers and attorneys.

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