Electric & Electronics

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Connected vehicles will make traffic far smoother, safer and more sustainable. When it comes to connectivity, IAV has profound methodology expertise and a vast range of innovative concepts and can often provide solutions before customers even ask for them. In future car purchases, intuitive interfaces providing in-vehicle entertainment and a high-quality user experience will become increasingly important.
In the digital age, we integrate data, knowledge and quality through our interconnection services. We accompany the development process from the first service concept through maintenance and operation to the end of service. Furthermore, we monitor the entire connected service chain by simulating, tracking and testing the data transmission from the vehicle, for example through the back-end to the end-user, or to the smartphone (E2E). We offer you the development and integration of basic and online services.

BCM, Infotainment, Electric Components

  • Car coding with diagnose tool
  • Infotainment in vehicle integration
  • Laboratory test for electric components

Electrical Components Testing in Network

  • Testing of battery, alternator, starter, and other electrical systems using specialized equipment to diagnose issues and ensure efficient functioning.

Lab HiL and In-vehicle validation and test of electrical components

  • Hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) and in-vehicle testing for validating the performance of electrical components, such as ECUs, sensors and actuators, for reliable and safe operation. Not only for combustion vehicles, but also electric vehicles.

Infotainment Development

  • Infotainment development involves designing and integrating multimedia systems to provide entertainment, information, and connectivity features in vehicles for enhanced user experience.

Integration Testing

  • Integration testing verifies the proper working of individual components when combined into a larger system to ensure overall functionality.

Failure Management

  • Failure management involves identifying, analyzing, and solving problems that occur during the development and operation of systems to ensure reliability and safety.

Product Data Management

  • Automotive Product Data Management (PDM) includes collecting, storing, processing and analyzing large amounts of data from various sources to improve decision-making, optimize production, enhance safety, and provide better customer experience.