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In order to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, IAV develops and optimizes powertrains in relation to the individual applications of our customers. As experienced experts, we take on complete engineering projects from the concept through to volume solution.

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CO2 emissions and TCO (total cost of ownership) are the main driving forces in the railway and marine sectors. Marine engines are already highly efficient. In addition, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is demanding a drastic reduction in terms of NOx emissions. This is why intense efforts are currently being made to optimize conventional powertrains and alternative concepts (e.g. electrification, fuel cells or gaseous-fuel drives). For instance, IAV studies show that engine management based on cylinder pressure makes vessels more environmentally friendly by clearly reducing CO2, nitrogen oxide and sulfur emissions.

The CO2 emissions of off-highway vehicles such as earth-moving machines or lift trucks will also have to be brought down in future to protect the climate and reduce operating costs. The optimum overall system for a specific application requires an integrated view of the entire powertrain and vehicle. Because when it comes to efficiency, vehicle operation is equally as important as the combustion process, exhaust gas aftertreatment and energy management.

Thanks to our wealth of know-how about all types of powertrain concept in combination with our profound understanding of different industries and applications, we are always in a position to recommend our customers the best possible solution for their application in each particular case and develop it on their behalf. We encompass all the necessary disciplines, thus contributing crucial knowledge about the complete system for every single project. We use cutting-edge engineering methods and have recourse at all times to a large network of industrial partners. Our customers can expect both innovative concepts and mature production-ready solutions.

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