IAV Alma

IAV Alma supports testers during in-vehicle testing – intuitive operation via tablet and resource-saving.

Frequent program changes, confusing test catalogs, lack of measurement technology monitoring – the mostly manual execution, recording and documentation of validation is not only inefficient for testers, but also always results in execution errors and a lack of clear reproducibility. This results in increasing financial and time expenditures in test execution.

Be productive instead of busy

With IAV Alma, IAV has developed an automated tool for easy and efficient in-vehicle testing. Thanks to user-friendly operation via tablet and automation, IAV Alma enables testers to achieve significant quality improvements and reduce resource requirements. As a tester, be productive again instead of busy.

This is what IAV Alma offers:

  • Information for test users is clearly displayed on the tablet – it is available exactly when and where it is really needed.
  • Clear test case descriptions with the aid of illustrations help to avoid comprehension errors.
  • No special prior knowledge is required to perform tests with IAV Alma. The required technical know-how regarding the project to be tested is reduced to a minimum.
  • IAV Alma automates and monitors the measurement technology, allowing the tester to concentrate on the essentials.
  • Testers can document the results in a targeted manner at any time using predefined text modules and free-text fields.

Scope of functions

  • Guided execution of validations as a web application via tablet
  • Clear presentation of the test catalog as well as the possibility of targeted filtering
  • Automatic control and monitoring of measurement technology via open measurement technology interface
  • Simplified results recording and automated documentation in a customer-friendly design
  • Individually configurable to the needs of the tester and the project
  • Clear user & authorization management

Unique selling points and advantages

  • Intuitive & convenient operation of IAV Alma even without special prior knowledge
  • Very easy to understand test execution does not require any special technical know-how
  • Significant time savings through automation
  • Reduced susceptibility to errors thanks to a uniform validation & documentation process
  • Can be used across ECUs & architectures
  • More flexibility through variable use of end devices

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