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Guided calibration and automation

The number of algorithms in powertrain control units is increasing all the time; in addition, the individual algorithms are also getting more and more complex. This growing complexity needs development tools to take the pressure off the calibration engineer and to make proven processes available throughout the company. That is exactly what INCA-FLOW offers. The tool provides you with graphic descriptions of calibration sequences in next-to-no time which then run on the connected infrastructure. Best practice examples are automatically documented, making them available to all employees.

Shorter development times and lower costs as well as higher, reproducible quality: this is what you get with INCA-FLOW, without needing IT skills for programming scripts. This means you can turn your full attention again to your key expertise: efficient parameterization of control unit algorithms in terms of minimizing emissions and robust onboard diagnostics (OBD), as well as optimizing fuel consumption, performance and drivability.

INCA-FLOW is distributed through IAV’s cooperation partner ETAS, who also offers first-level support. We are continuously optimizing the tool, constantly adding new functions.

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