Vienna Motor Symposium

27.04.2022 — 29.04.2022
Vienna, Germany

We are developing the future

Sustainable mobility requires the interplay of smart drive, vehicle and energy concepts. As a tech solution provider, IAV develops intelligent solutions for the requirements for efficient mobility of tomorrow. With numerous experts from industry and research, the International Vienna Motor Symposium sets the right framework for technical innovations and a stimulating discourse.

IAV lecture topic Thermal Management

Intelligent thermal management  is the basis for highly efficient drive concepts and battery systems. Investigations of central components and processes by IAV show that efficiency and service life can be increased in some cases significantly by smart control of the heat flows. IAV also shows which further improvement potential exists in the overall system context of the vehicle.

Intelligent Thermal Management Extends Traveling Range
Automotion: Artikel effizientes thermomanagement

Copied from nature

It is widely known how important bees are for a species-rich flora. Less well known, however, is the clever temperature management they use to operate their hives. For IAV, the ingenious methodology offers a lever to control heat flows in the vehicle even more efficiently in the future – an important step on the road to sustainable mobility.

Using the tricks of bees for efficient heat flows

Lean Fuel Cell

With the LEAN fuel cell drive train, IAV offers an innovative powertrain for the use of fuel cells in passenger cars. A small fuel cell with 40 kW power is combined with a more powerful battery with 22 kWh. This simplifies the application and noticeably reduces the dynamic load on the fuel cell, which considerably  extends the service life of the energy converters.

Green & affordable: new drive concept for sustainable mobility
Grün & günstig: neues Antriebskonzept für nachhaltige Mobilität

Eco Design 2.0

With the eco-designed battery, IAV had already provided a blueprint for how energy storage can save both CO2 and costs from production to recycling. The new concept “Eco Design 2.0” can be used to further increase the eco-balance of traction batteries.

A second life for e-car batteries

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