Taking a Detailed Look at the Powertrain

IAV benchmarks show details of the configuration and cost structure of powertrain components

Things are moving when it comes to powertrains: the complexity of conventional transmission structures continues to grow thanks to the combination in one single solution of CVT, planetary and spur gear transmission features. The growing trend to hybridization and electrification is confronting developers with a completely new range of challenges. IAV’s powertrain benchmark gives customers detailed insights into new transmissions as well as electric and hybrid powertrain components. The benchmark reports are now also available on the internet.

“The powertrain benchmark is based on global market analysis by IAV resulting in a set of particularly interesting new solutions”, explains Ulf Müller, IAV Head of Department for Processes and Methods. “We then analyze those transmissions or powertrain components that are of greatest interest in terms of technical aspects or costs.” The catalogue currently contains six transmissions, with the intention of adding around ten future transmissions each year as well as other electric and hybrid powertrain components.

IAV customers can choose from three categories

  • The “Technology Report” focuses on the specific hardware, with detailed descriptions of parts, assemblies and functional systems. The parts list with photographic illustrations shows in detail which components are featured in the powertrain component.
  • “Functional Analysis” on the transmission test bench or in the vehicle itself provides information about the efficiency level of the powertrain components.
  • The “Cost Report” supplies an analysis of the costs. The bottom-up approach lets IAV experts say among others what it will cost to produce the component in certain quantities with which major cost drivers.

Customers can also hire powertrain components kept in store at IAV and use them for their own studies. “The new benchmark approach now lets all customers benefit from our many years of expertise powertrain development.”

At the moment, the benchmark catalogue features only passenger car components. In future, they will be joined by transmissions or other components for commercial vehicle powertrains. A 3D scan of the hardware components is also conceivable: the data can be imported in CAD programs where they can be used, for example, for package studies.

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