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to our future projects.

Recent graduates: You just completed your degree or would like to expand on your first professional experiences? At IAV you will be given the freedom to test things out and contribute your own ideas.

Instead of being a small cog in a big machine, you can expect demanding and diverse tasks. You will experience the diversity of the industry with us, be connected with big names in the automotive industry and research sector, and work on relevant future issues.

You can still sense that IAV started out as a university affiliated institute thanks to our university-oriented spirit. And it is not uncommon for our colleagues to pursue doctorates.

Getting started

No one has to plunge in alone at the deep end here. We want you to get off to a good start in your team, your work environment, and your projects. That is why you will have a colleague from your specialized department at your side during the first few months to give you a hand and useful advice. You will receive specialist training, be familiarized with the IAV structures, and take on your own responsibility for projects step-by-step.

After about six months, you will meet with your manager to reflect on what you have learned and accomplished and to discuss your experiences and suggestions. Have you gotten off to a good start? Together, you’ll look ahead: what do you want and what topics are you interested in working on? What training and seminars would round out your skills and prepare you for new tasks?

Your new job – just a few steps away

Find your dream job
Our job offers are always up-to-date. Our full-text search makes it easy to screen the job profile for target keywords like “C++” or “MATLAB”. Did you find more than one interesting job? No problem! We just need one application. Simply list the job ID’s of the other jobs you want to apply for in your cover letter.

How to apply
In order to give us a good first impression of your profile, your documents should be complete – with a cover letter, your CV, your diploma or a transcript, and all your internship references.

Send us your complete application online. Simply fill out the short application form and upload the relevant attachments. Done! We will confirm receipt of your application by email.

We review your application carefully
If your profile fits the position and the tasks meet your demands, we will invite you to one to two interviews so we can get to know each other and discuss potential career prospects. This could take place during a telephone or personal interview.

While you consider whether you would like to work with us, we will ensure that you receive a prompt decision. You are of course welcome to contact the career team to determine the status of your application.

Attractive benefits and opportunities for recent graduates

At IAV you will find the ideal setting for your professional development. As a well-positioned company that has reaped the benefits of organic growth, we want to share our success with our employees in the form of attractive conditions.

Flexible working hours & mobile work
Peer and mentoring programs
Professional, management, and project career tracks
Work abroad
Qualifications, language courses, conferences
Team building & employee events
Company wage agreements
Corporate pension scheme & contributions to capital formation
Family services
Fitness & health promotion
Special conditions for renting, purchasing & leasing

FAQ for recent graduates

  • Can I do my doctorate at IAV?

    Professional excellence is incredibly important to us. That is why we collaborate closely with universities and research institutes. Around 500 scientific papers incl. doctorates are written at IAV every year.

    A very good final GPA and a keen motivation to perform research are prerequisites for doing a doctorate at IAV. You have already found your potential dissertation advisor who is willing to supervise external work. You can find the appropriate topic for your doctorate listed in our job offers or in conjunction with a specialized department.

    This collaboration is generally laid out over three years with an attractive wage agreement. To ensure that your doctorate remains the primary focus, your weekly work time will not exceed 18 hours. You can flexibly determine the allocation between project and research work with your supervising specialized department. Other setups (e.g. part-time, directly at the university) are also an option.
    We encourage and support professional exchange within the company. And our doctoral candidates will receive an unlimited full-time employment opportunity upon successful completion of their doctoral dissertation.