5th International Conference on Ignition Systems for Gasoline Engines 6th International Conference on Knocking in Gasoline Engines

13.09.2022 — 14.09.2022
Berlin, Germany

Two Conferences – One Goal

Since the two conferences “Ignition Systems” and “Knocking” complement each other very well, they will be held together for the first time in 2022.

In addition to the increasing electrification of vehicles, forecasts show a worldwide increase in the number of combustion engines being produced. With hybridization growing apace, at least 75 % of the 120 million new registrations expected in 2030 will be for vehicles based on combustion engines, most of them gasoline engines. At the same time increasingly stringent emissions legislation and the use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen present new challenges for ignition systems and combustion processes. The conference will therefore include new development approaches for gasoline engines in motorbike and passenger car use, hybrid concepts, on-off-highway and stationary energy applications.


Presentation topics:


  • Requirements for ignition systems to meet future emissions legislation
  • Development trends and innovative ignition strategies such as pre-chamber ignition and ignition jet processes
  • Ignition technologies: Direct and alternating current, high frequency systems, Performance indicators, energy demand, multiple ignition


  • Thermodynamics and Phenomenology, Pre-ignition, extreme knocking, knocking, glow ignition
  • Combustion processes, EGR strategies, water injection
  • Engine concepts, engine cooling, design criteria for reducing of knocking
  • Measurement and analysis of knock on the engine test bench and in the vehicle

Knocking and ignition:

  • Simulation and methods of development
  • Control and regulation, application and function algorithms, diagnostics
  • System components, durability, materials, operating conditions
  • Influencing factors of liquid and gaseous fuels, biofuels and lubricating oils


Conference leader

Marc Sens, IAV

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Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Jägerstraße 22/23
10117 Berlin

Entrance Leibnitz Saal at Markgrafenstraße 38


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Papers are published in English by Expert Verlag.
The closing date for entries is July 1st, 2022.

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