Cars become smart: Premiere of connected cars

Autonomous cars that receive signals from smartphones and traffic lights and respond to them – together with Microsoft, IAV presented so-called connected cars at the CES trade show in Las Vegas in 2016: networked vehicles that communicate with their surroundings and enable the driver to use their time in the car completely differently.

It was almost like a small revolution when IAV and Microsoft demonstrated at CES how an autonomous vehicle connected to the cloud will be able to interact with the entire traffic infrastructure in the future. This not only minimizes dangerous situations and improves traffic flow, but also increases driving pleasure.

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Driving report from CNN - how does it feel when car and IT merge?

Since 2016, mobility needs and the automotive market have continued to change. This has had a particular impact on software development, as vehicles and consumer electronics have increasingly grown together. Today, IAV covers the entire spectrum, from embedded software to backend solutions and app development. And we will continue to actively shape digitalization in the future with our own solutions for series software and integration.