Our modular e-drive conversion kit for commercial vehicles was examined for the criteria for promoting buses with climate-friendly drives and was approved. The goal of IAV’s intelligent e-drive package is to recycle end-of-life vehicles such as old diesel double-decker buses, save primary resources and reduce energy consumption.

Driven by the idea of effectively preserving resources, we are opening up new life cycles (“second life”) for older vehicles with the e-drive kit, thus supporting circular economy. Our retrofit concept not only saves CO2 emissions during operation but also the CO2 emissions of new vehicle production. And it’s cheaper than buying a new vehicle!


Financial support within the framework of the guideline on “Promotion of alternative drives for buses in passenger transport” by the Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport (BMDV) is linked to certain criteria, which IAV meets with its e-component set. As far as the amount of possible funding is concerned, a double-decker is treated like a (longer) articulated bus and is therefore also eligible for a possible higher funding volume. Currently, the IAV product is approved for a specific type of bus and, if approved, could be used on public roads in the near future. The first funding application for the retrofit of diesel double-decker buses with the “IAV Elcty” parts kit has already been approved. Click here, search term ‘buses’, to access the German government’s official call for submissions for funding for buses with climate-friendly, alternative drive systems.


Due to the modular structure of the conversion kit, installation can be easily implemented by qualified vehicle construction companies. IAV provides detailed installation instructions with all the relevant information for installing the e-component kit. This means that the e-component kit can be precisely installed by a specialist company. IAV can provide specific training for HV-qualified conversion companies. During installation, IAV is on hand to advise the customer and provide support both during final acceptance and during initial operation of the converted vehicle.

Technical Data

  • Voltage range high-voltage system: up to 750 V
  • Direct wheel drive Ziehl-Abegg:
    • Power (nominal/maximum): 2 x 120 kW / 200 kW
    • Torque (nominal/maximum): 2 x 3700 Nm / 8750 Nm
  • Top speed: 65 km/h (governed)
  • Installed battery capacity, e-Deutz: 147 kWh
  • Consumption: sightseeing cycle 20°C; approx. 80 kWh / 100km (approx. 11 km/h average speed)
  • Range, guaranteed in operation: at least 120 km
  • Other features: Power steering pump and air compressor, Moteg heating modules, Webasto
    ABS braking system incl. combi-brake, AC and DC charging option
    IAV Digital Service Assistant, telemetry system, Touch display as driver interface with integrated camera inputs (upper deck and rearview camera), revised instrument panel with LED displays, on-board power supply via DC/DC converter, power reserves for sightseeing equipment are provided, safety systems for the drive, base vehicle, and high-voltage technology, IAV power supply unit for flexible parts set adaptation

More information

Learn more about our Elcty E-components kit in the following animation.
Corporate video

IAV Elcty image material for download.