IAV sets up Open Source Program Office

06.03.2024  — 

IAV announced today (March 6) the establishment of an Open Source Program Office (OSPO). This strategic move is part of IAV’s efforts to become ISO 5230 certified in the area of open source and follows a growing demand for open source software.

Open Source Software
IAV is responding to the growing demand for open source software and would like to be officially certified.

"The establishment of the OSPO underlines our commitment to open source and serves as a clear indication of our ability to deal competently with open source software and the associated licenses. We want to show customers that we work transparently and adhere to standards. In addition, our open source strategy will help us to realize our goals for the software defined vehicle."

Andre Larberg, Head of Software Defined Vehicle & Open Source at IAV

The appointment of Andre Larberg as OSPO Manager is a decisive step in the implementation of this initiative. In his new additional position, he can bundle the company’s open source competencies as a central point of contact.

Since his return to IAV in October 2022, Andre Larberg has worked continuously with his colleagues in the FOSS expert group around Dr. Nicole Natho to promote the topic of open source software within and outside the company. His regular participation in events organized by the Eclipse Foundation – a non-profit organization that provides a platform for open source and promotes exchange between its members – underlines his role as an open source specialist. Andre Larberg and his team are currently working on an Open Source Manifesto, which will be published.

With the foundation of the OSPO, IAV is setting a further milestone on the road to certification in the open source sector and reaffirming its position as an innovative development service provider in the automotive industry.



Andre Larberg
Andre Larberg