Automated Driving

From assisted to automated driving: the new SAE Level 3 functions will enter into volume production in the next few years. OEMs and suppliers are already gathering test fleet experience with Level 4 and Level 5 today. IAV offers 20 years of research experience with sensors, function development and algorithms for new driver assist systems right through to fully automated connected driving.

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Making traffic safer and more efficient, and expanding the driving range for electric vehicles, demographic change and alterations in mobility behavior: these are just some of the many arguments in favor of automated driving. Automated connected vehicles benefit from phased traffic lights, help optimize the flow of traffic and offer last-mile solutions to reach local public transport. The global emergence of many projects with robo-taxis and autonomous shuttles is therefore no great surprise. Smart platooning can also make logistics more efficient.

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This is nothing new for IAV, where ACC research began already back in 1995. We produced a first vehicle pursuant to SAE Level 2+ in 2003 and demonstrated fully automated driving to Level 4 in 2017. One highlight was the development of the Renault SYMBIOZ. In collaboration with the French car manufacturer, we developed the Level 4 architecture and system for the demonstration vehicle. At the moment, we are working as partners in a research consortium for the HEAT project (“Hamburg Electric Autonomous Transportation”). The autonomous minibus developed by IAV will be running on roads in the HafenCity Hamburg.

IAV is a coveted partner in such projects, thanks to our comprehensive methodology knowledge and large number of innovative solution concepts, as well as our experience from numerous customer projects and cooperation with universities and research institutes. We have also set up our own vehicles, infrastructures and simulations for developing and validating AD and ITS functions. We are a proficient integrator with experience in bringing many partners around the table for complex projects – a skill which is proving particularly beneficial where automated driving is concerned.

Our engineers use agile methods together with innovative requirements management and testing concepts. New functions are put through their paces on our own test track, while our close cooperation with the technical inspection and homologation agencies ensures that new solutions will be approved for use on public roads.

We offer our customers comprehensive system expertise from the initial concept through to validation and release recommendation. The scope of services we provide also includes software, vehicle conversions, test concepts and test cases, measurement data and products such as automation in virtual environments. IAV thus takes the lead in moving towards a new eco-system consisting of vehicles and the surrounding infrastructure.

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