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Security and privacy will count among the absolute top issues in automotive engineering in the near future. IAV has been looking at concepts for protecting communication in and out of vehicles for more than 15 years. As design aspects, security & privacy are already integrated in our solutions.

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We are seeing a growth in communication in and out of the vehicle. The connectivity of vehicles with each other and with the surrounding infrastructure (such as traffic lights or car parks) opens up great opportunities, but also new avenues of attack. Each software function needs reliable protection from hacking, not least all control unit updates. This also shows the close connection between security and safety. Successful hacking attacks on the IT systems in vehicles with drive-by-wire steering without human mechanical actuation of accelerator and brake pedal or attacks on the vehicles themselves can have fatal consequences. The same can also be said of the theft of sensitive data, such as data generated by payment systems in the car or by connecting smartphones to the vehicle.

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Our specialists are therefore looking at all aspects of security and privacy. They are developing digital access and start authorization solutions as well as complete systems and concepts for the vehicle electronics based on current authentication and encryption methods to meet all security demands. Embedded security has been an important topic at IAV. We assist our customers from analysis through to SOP and beyond. After all, security and privacy are being constantly put to the test. New methods or much faster hardware may make it easy to overcome algorithms that seem secure today. Constant updates of the vehicle software are the only way to avoid this.

"Security has to be an integral part of the design instead of being imposed on existing solutions as an add-on response. There's no safety without security."

Friedhelm Laubenstein — Senior Vice President Electronics, Security & Technical Services

"IAV has a strong security awareness. We operate in a highly dynamic environment and want to be always one step ahead of the attackers.”

Kai Feuerstake — Senior Vice President Vehicle Software Solutions

Our cooperation with universities in the fields of IT security, secure engineering and computer engineering keep us constantly up-to-date with the latest research and technology. We also develop proprietary tools such as the Security Defense Center that detects and analyzes incoming attacks and triggers counter-measures. We are therefore in a position to give OEMs and suppliers expert advice about all questions regarding security and privacy. We provide them with security concepts and secure production software. We also cover aspects such as supplier support and security tests. Our aim is to be always one step ahead of the attackers, without restricting the user in any way.

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