Smart Mobility

An intelligent combination of the various options available will define future mobility. We have an understanding for even complex mobility concepts due to our expertise for the whole vehicle and the know-how we have acquired in analyzing large data volumes. Together with our Digital lab, cutting-edge methods and tools guarantee solutions for continual improvements in the mobility experience.

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In tomorrow’s world of connected mobility, the car will only be one element in a whole chain of different transport modes. The mode of transport used will, for example, depend on whether people are traveling in an urban, suburban or rural environment, which means they will often change their means of transport several times a day. In the future, intelligently combining all mobility services will be more important than using one single means of transport.

Changes in mobility behavior and a growing environmental awareness are perceivable even today. In urban areas, car-sharing is increasingly replacing private car ownership, and more and more cities are trying to limit the use of private cars. Some local public transport providers are moving away from rigid timetables and opting for “on-demand” solutions. Future smart mobility, however, will go much further. It will combine various interconnected means of transport (each using an optimum drive system) with the digitized town or city in an Internet of Things. Apps will help people reach their destinations quickly and conveniently. Control centers will ensure that traffic runs smoothly and produces as few emissions as possible.

"We know the automotive world inside out, with all of its technologies. As a spider in the web, we can bring together all sorts of different partners in projects."

Stefan Schmidt — Chief Digital Officer

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Smart mobility comes with two key aspects for IAV. On the one hand, vehicles must be matched to the new boundary conditions using new powertrain systems, digitization and connectivity as well as concepts that take account of changing user behavior. This is where we benefit from our expertise in the entire vehicle, for example in powertrain development or in turnkey solutions for new vehicle concepts. On the other hand, increasing significance is being attributed to intelligent collection and evaluation of data to monitor the state of vehicles and manage the mobility network. We can make an important contribution with our profound understanding of data analysis, for example on the basis of predictive diagnostics. But the experience we have in designing apps and modern user interfaces also provides key building blocks.

"IAV understands the entire mobility value chain. We develop new mobility concepts for our customers on the basis of our automotive expertise."

Andreas Michalovcik — Project Manager Corporate & Business Development

With our know-how in this field, we offer consulting expertise for all-encompassing mobility concepts, from the vehicle via the infrastructure, control and coordination centers through to the customer frontend, defining the necessary interfaces at the same time.

In projects, such as Elocity and HEAT, we demonstrate that we can reliably get new approaches to smart mobility onto the road in cooperation with partners. One of the keys is our ability to combine the classic vehicle world with IT. Virtual engineering processes and tools, such as IAV Mobility Synthesis, our pool of test persons as well as our own test track for automated driving, make us the preferred partner for many OEMs, suppliers and local public transport operators. Our Digital Lab gives us a catalyst for developing new ideas, services and business models using methods such as design thinking.

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