In the automotive industry, times have rarely been as exciting and challenging as they are today. Alternative drive systems, connected and automated vehicles as well as the need for modern business models in the digital age are keeping both established and new providers busy. Together with consulting4drive (c4d), IAV offers its customers a unique combination of technical and strategic consulting that shows the way to the mobility of the future.

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Two major challenges are currently occupying automotive companies: on the one hand, they have to continue making improvements to existing systems (such as traditional powertrains) while at the same time developing new solutions for sustainable, people-friendly future mobility, where they often find themselves competing with completely new providers, for example from the IT industry. Companies will therefore be confronted with a fundamental transformation of their services and value propositions. In future for example, the focus will be less on vehicle ownership and more on consuming mobility services. This is already apparent today in widespread car-sharing and in the first tests of robot taxis.

But alongside the OEMs and suppliers, the new providers and start-ups also have comprehensive demand for consulting. They need a better understanding of the automotive and mobility market for targeted development of their own products and services in accordance with detailed requirements.

In this volatile setting, there are many urgent issues of both a technical and strategic nature. This is where IAV with its roughly 7,000 experts and consulting4drive with its experienced strategic consultants offer the greatest added value. The teams work hand-in-hand to produce solutions that are implemented and optimized quickly, thus reducing the implementation costs for the customer. Furthermore, this accelerates in particular the learning cycles which in turn reduces the time it takes from the initial idea until launching a customer-oriented, production-ready solution.

"We have fuel in our blood, digitization in our sights and consulting in our hearts."

Timm Kellermann — Chief Executive Officer consulting4drive

Besides methods and process tools, in the course of their work the consulting teams can rely on proprietary tools developed by IAV that are brimming with the experience gained from more than 35 years of automotive engineering. For example, IAV Mobility Synthesis simulates and assesses complex systems consisting of vehicle fleets and infrastructure, with regard to CO2 emissions and customer acceptance, among others. On a lower level, IAV Powertrain Synthesis lets manufacturers optimize their fleets in order to comply with the legal requirements. The consultants also draw from a broad knowledge base to produce lifecycle assessments. Drawing from a broad knowledge base, it is then possible to derive the impact on product and technology life cycles. As a result, the strategic decisions are underpinned with a sound factual basis which makes a successful implementation phase far more probable.

Particularly where innovative tasks are concerned, many requirements will not be clear at the start of a project or are subject to reciprocal effects that only emerge once work has actually begun. Customers of the IAV Group can count on the engineers and consultants not only taking a systematic, experienced approach to dealing with tasks but also contributing their own comprehensive understanding of what customers need, where technology trends are going, and which general market conditions apply to the particular project. In this way, the staff at IAV and consulting4drive play a major role in ensuring quality and customer acceptance for the resulting products and services.

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