In the future, services will be in great demand not only during the engineering phase but also in the vehicle itself. IAV is therefore extending its range beyond engineering tools. In future, final customers can also benefit from our services.

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The automotive world is changing, and IAV is changing with it. In addition to our known engineering work and our proven products, we are also offering an increased range of services, addressing engineers on the one hand but also final customers in the new mobility world.

Engineers benefit, for example, from IAV Ameda. This IAV tool analyzes large volumes of data such as those accumulated during vehicle development. Every mile driven and recorded in the form of measured data can be analyzed according to search patterns. IAV Ameda imports and analyzes standard automotive measurement data formats as well as the proprietary data formats of many data loggers. Data can also be analyzed from many different systems and subsystems, in turn permitting cross-topic and cross-domain analysis.

For end users, the transition to automated driving will bring about a radical change in their motoring experience. As soon as the car takes control, all passengers have time for work or entertainment. There will therefore be great demand for new services in this context. IAV will be developing its own services in future and making them available to final customers via OEM platforms. Here we revert to our expertise for the whole vehicle and our precise knowledge of the mobility value chain.

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