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Excellent engineering. What we develop moves you. Over the last 40 years, IAV has made a name for itself as an excellent engineering partner to the automotive industry. Under the motto “from engineers for engineers”, IAV’s accumulated engineering expertise is meanwhile packed into engineering tools that are ready for the market. IAV thus provides its customers and partners with tools and engineering support that have proven their work in everyday engineering tasks at IAV, making it easier to achieve current and future engineering goals even better.

Digitization is changing everything, including the work of engineers. The tasks and systems being developed today are far more complex than 40 years ago, and the way to get there is also completely different. Today engineers are supported by many digital tools, saving time and releasing resources needed elsewhere. Marcus Wendt, Team Manager for Commercial Product Solutions, is convinced that this is exactly what engineering today is all about.

“I think that the tool landscape that has developed at IAV offers customers a crucial advantage for finding quicker answers to problems.”

Marcus Wendt — Team Manager Commercial Product Solutions

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Driven by passion

Wendt sees IAV’s engineering excellence above all in the highly motivated employees and the top quality of their work. That is demonstrated, for example, in the diverse tool landscape that has emerged at IAV in recent years. Employees develop programs and tools to make their own work easier. They help themselves. “These tools then help colleagues with similar problems, and in the next step also the customers”, says Florian Seele, project engineer for powertrain mechatronics at IAV.

“We develop tools that we need for our own work, which can easily result in engineering tools that the market needs.”

Yelda Leibinger — Product Manager Powertrain Mechatronics

From engineers for engineers

Yelda Leibinger is product manager at IAV. Her focus is on getting IAV established on the market as an excellent product provider, too. Once in-house tools reach a certain level of maturity, she assesses the market potential and draws up a possible business case. And she helps the teams make the tools ready for the market. IAV wants to continue developing all the time: this includes expanding the product range when it comes to engineering tools.

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“I think it's important for me as an engineer to see that a product can be sold accordingly. After all, we've poured our lifeblood into the development.”

Florian Seele — Project Engineer Powertrain Mechatronics

Cross-sectoral solutions

IAV has its roots in the automotive industry. But digitization is confronting engineers in many different sectors with the same challenges. One example here consists in utilizing large volumes of data. Engineering tools by IAV can also be used in the aerospace sector, robotics, energy and the water industry or in rail transport. Yelda Leibinger is convinced that the world is at our feet. After all, excellent engineering is in demand always and everywhere.

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Marcus Wendt has been working at IAV for 18 years and is Team Manager for Commercial Product Solutions.

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Florian Seele has been working as project engineer for powertrain mechatronics at IAV since 2013. He takes the requirements and ideas of the engineers and turns them into software that is ready to use.

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Yelda Leibinger has been Product Manager for Powertrain Mechatronics at IAV since mid 2018. Among others, her task includes putting engineering tools on the market.

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