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CES 2020: Smart Engineering for Smart Mobility

07.01.2020 — 10.01.2020
Las Vegas, United States

We are seeing rapid change in the mobility and technology market. Greater safety, added comfort and more service leads to a better quality of life, while at the same time making increasingly complex demands of excellent engineering. At the CES from January 7 – 10, IAV is presenting smart engineering for smart mobility.

The success of future-relevant mobility services depends on them being efficient, easy to use and environmentally friendly. IAV is forging ahead with the development of future mobility in all its facets, with completely new potential and possibilities, particularly those offered by automation, connectivity and AI.

IAV is developing smart solutions that transcend technology and sector frontiers. The sophisticated concepts for smart mobility presented by IAV at the CES include smart navigation, voice control, air-conditioning and a Cargobike.

Smart Guide – Next Level Navigation

Thanks to augmented reality, the intuitive navigation manages completely without voice announcements or displays, with a real-time mark-up of all roads that bring the driver to his/her destination on time.

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Smart Speech – Next Level Voice Control

For the very first time, personalized rights let driver and passenger interact individually with the vehicle. IAV’s smart voice control detects the natural flow of words.

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Smart AI-driven Climate Control – Simply Cozy

Smart A/C control takes care of individual comfort based on self-learning with due consideration of the occupants’ preferences.

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Smart Cargobike – Last Mile Mobility with Fleet Management

The Cargobike is a smart solution for the last mile. With its clever on-board functions and an integrated comprehensive fleet management tool, it offers all the facets of a complex mobility system.

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Las Vegas Convention Center

3150 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas
NV 89109
United States

Visit us at the CES 2020 and experience #SmartMobility by IAV!