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From the developer desk to the lecture hall

08.05.2023  — 

Carolin Schmidt (26) is an engineer at IAV and one of 13 students who has chosen the master’s course “Networked Intelligent Systems” at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences. Here, she explains how she manages to balance her studies and work, and what she thinks about the fact that her professors are also her colleagues.

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Carolin has always wanted to do a master’s degree. After completing her bachelor’s degree in mechatronics, she applies to IAV and learns during an interview that a master’s degree in embedded systems is planned. She joins IAV as a systems engineer for Connected Systems & Services and decides a year later to start the master’s course “Networked Intelligent Systems” at the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences.

"I chose the master because I already work in the context of networked functions and wanted to expand my position. By studying, I can get to know the entire spectrum of possibilities."

Carolin Schmidt — Systems Engineer for Connected Systems & Services at IAV and Master's student in the "Networked Intelligent Systems" program at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

She likes her studies so far. This is mainly because the modules are well assembled and come into contact with new content, such as artificial intelligence. “I find the field of cryptography, where I learn how to encrypt and securely transfer one data, particularly interesting,” says Carolin.


Endowed professors impart knowledge with practical relevance

She appreciates that her professors are also her colleagues. “We settle down in the lecture, but the interaction is still always collegial and at eye level.” Especially in the lectures, she notices that the two endowed professors Falk Langer and Daniel Kriesten can convey their knowledge differently than the professors who have spent their entire lives in science. “One realizes that the two have a completely different basis. They use examples that they know from their own practice,” says Carolin.

Students want online exams

The student knows that the master’s degree is worth it. But it can also be challenging to manage studies and work. Currently, the student works for 30 hours at IAV and is completing a regular master’s degree.

“What I definitely learn is stress resistance. Because it is not so easy to work and study full-time. It requires a lot of strength to structure everyday life and to cope with the tasks at work. I would like the university not only to see full-time study, but also that there are many students working in companies,” says Carolin.

Her current place of residence is 350 km from the university, so it would be a great relief for her to be able to take the exams online. “From my point of view, it is part of making studying more pleasant for students who have to travel a long way.”

A worthwhile investment in the future

The master’s student sees some need for optimization, but overall, the advantages would outweigh them. “I am happy to have chosen the master’s degree and can generally say: I enjoy studying and it is worth it. Much of what is taught in the master’s degree course is reflected in my job. I am sure it will be a good prerequisite for the future and further projects at IAV.”

10 Inware Daniel Kriesten DSC 1876Business

Prof. Dr. Daniel Kriesten
Project Manager for Series Software Development at IAV and Professor for “Methods and Technologies Automotive Software” at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

“By supporting a master’s degree program at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, IAV is blazing a trail for continuing education, transformation and recruiting skilled workers. By being integrated into the university’s operations, students not only acquire knowledge in current subject areas. In the exchange with fellow students and professors at the university, they receive cross-thematic impulses on current trends that they can implement directly.”

10 Inware Falk Langer breit 1

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Falk Langer
Team Lead for Connected Systems & Services at IAV and Endowed Professor for Connectivity and Services Automotive Software at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

“It is the right step for IAV to cooperate with Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and to be able to offer the master’s degree. We currently have a lack of specialists in almost every software area. That’s why it’s important to promote and train young talents. At the same time, IAV benefits from the fact that the Master’s graduates are trained comprehensively at the university and put their knowledge back to us after graduating. This has worked very well so far, and we already have several research assistants working for us.”


Carolin Schmidt

Promoting tech talents

The master’s program in Networked Intelligent Systems/Automotive software Engineering was designed by the Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, IAV and the Saxon Institute for Computational Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn more about it here.

By the way, IAV is also active at other universities. More info here.