You want better mobility? Let’s do it!

We develop smart mobility solutions such as autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence and innovative energy storage solutions to make mobility more accessible, environmentally friendly and efficient. Our goal is to enable everyone to get from A to B sustainably, safely and comfortably.

WonderVision: Smart mobility for the blind

How can artificial intelligence create more freedom for the blind? The smart talking assistant WonderVision helps blind, and visually impaired people to move freely and safely in public places. WonderVision is a mobility solution developed by IAV to revolutionize the freedom of blind people.

Pink and irresistible – Battery Slot Machine

Which battery system is the best in terms of range, battery chemistry and environmental impact? Test it on the Battery Slot Machine! Simply choose the combo and pull the lever just like in the casino.

IAV Battery Slot Machine

Mobility of the future needs AI

No matter if system design, implementation, testing or integration, IAV uses AI wizards to meet the requirements for vehicle function development. We used AI to automate every step in the development chain, enabling a faster, smarter, and more efficient way of engineering.

Thousands instead of millions of tests

IAV has developed CoMPASS to test AD functions efficiently and securely. IAV is cooperating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make CoMPASS available on their automotive toolboxes.

AI in modelling
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Better protection for all occupants

Artificial intelligence that knows how to adjust safety systems according to age and gender sounds like Knight Rider, but at IAV it is reality. With the help of a camera, it assesses the characteristics of drivers and thus increases safety on the road.

InCabin security

Building Bricks for Smart Mobility

What does a set of building blocks have to do with mobility? They are as diverse as our mobility solutions. At the IAA, we are showing smart software solutions, such as an e-shuttle for urban areas.

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Always under power

Can an e-fleet help with the energy transition? IAV has developed a smart charging solution that can utilize our power grids more evenly.

Leon Kopplow

Future-proof to IAA

Retro on the outside, highly efficient e-drive on the inside: Elcty takes you reliably and stylishly from the IAA Summit to Open Space in downtown Munich.

E-drive conversion

Get your contract in one day

Want to help shape the mobility of the future? Take the opportunity to get to know us at the IAA. If you’re convinced, you can take your employment contract with you right away.

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Remote Control

There is a tool that significantly shortens complex integration tests for infotainment systems: with the IAV Infotainment Lab, you can digitally access test benches to perform functions and tests from your own PC. This saves time and developer resources.

IAV Infotainment Lab

Software Systems & Connectivity

Automotive know-how meets IT expertise: The future of mobility will be defined by autonomous driving, digital networked systems and mobile services. Discover our solutions and concepts.

Connected Systems
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