ETC Monitoring Concepts

Controlling gasoline and diesel engines by “drive-by-wire systems” is state of the art today. The exacting demands placed on them and their integration into distributed vehicle systems involve careful monitoring of their performance and reliability.

The German automobile manufacturers (AUDI AG, BMW AG, Daimler AG, Porsche AG and VW AG) represented in the ETC working group see no potential for differentiating brands apart in the way these demands are met.

For this reason, they have agreed to standardize the concept for monitoring drive-by-wire systems and to implement this concept in the engine control systems of their respective vehicles on a cross-brand basis.

The ”Standardized ETC Monitoring Concept for Gasoline and Diesel Engine Control Systems” document provides a detailed specification for a safety concept for conventional internal combustion engines with drive-by-wire system. When ISO 26262 came into effect, the working group analyzed the requirements of IS0 26262 in a new version and adapted the specification to meet them accordingly.

IAV is publishing this “ETC Monitoring Concept Specification” on behalf of these automobile manufacturers, also making this standard available to other OEMs and suppliers.