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The focus of our engineering is on the automotive and mobility industry. On account of our excellence and the increasingly blurred boundaries between technologies and industries, our services are also expanding to include other areas, such as the world of information and communication, railways, marine and aviation, automation and robotics as well as energy and the water industry. What makes individual sectors, industries and special providers particularly strong? What are the major technical challenges? How can we learn from each other? How can we overcome industry and system borders? Which new approaches and concepts will be successful? Join us in finding the answers. What we develop moves you.

IAV is best known as a proven top engineering partner for the global automotive industry. In numerous customer projects for all globally operating OEMs and component suppliers, we have proven how reliably we take innovations to the level of volume production – for small cars as well as developments for heavy commercial vehicles.

But our experience and our engineering methods can also be beneficial to related areas, such as railways, marine and off-highway vehicles, where there are similar demands to reduce carbon and other pollutant emissions. There is a direct link between vehicles and the water industry: sensors in vehicle fleets help predict heavy rainfall. And intelligent control engineering and model-based methods by IAV are in demand in the energy industry.

Hydrogen & Fuel Cell

Hydrogen as an energy talent: The future starts here. A climate-neutral economy based on renewable energies that does without oil, gas and coal – that is Europe's vision by 2050. The transformation of the energy supply requires one thing in particular: hydrogen.

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Passenger Cars & Vans

The automotive industry is undergoing transformation. Tighter emission standards, new powertrain systems and the trend towards automated driving are just a few of the challenges facing the industry. IAV provides its customers with support along the entire value chain and offers them services on a one-stop-shop basis.

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Energy & Water Management

Energy and water management will not escape the digital revolution either. From its expertise in automotive engineering, IAV is already in full command of many aspects that will play a key part there in future, for example simulation, model-based methods, sensor technology and the latest approaches in control engineering.

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On-Highway Commercial Vehicles and Mobile Machinery

The current CO2 regulations are the most important driver when it comes to the technological development of tomorrow's commercial vehicles. At IAV, consumption-optimized overall concepts are achieved by taking into account all vehicle systems across all disciplines in a highly integrated manner. And, of course, we always consider the local requirements of our customers around the globe.

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The focus of our engineering is on the automotive and mobility industry. What we develop moves you.

Railways & Marine

In order to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, IAV develops and optimizes powertrains in relation to the individual applications of our customers. As experienced experts, we take on complete engineering projects from the concept through to volume solution.

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