• Emission Conformity in All Situations

    The diesel engine needs to be even cleaner in future and reliably meet the stringent EU6 limit values in all situations. In a concept study, IAV has examined approaches that promise to do precisely this: various particularly closed-coupled exhaust gas aftertreatment layouts allow DOC and DPF/SCR to reach optimum working temperature more quickly which, even when driving in the low-load range, significantly cuts emissions.Under the EU6 standard, diesel (...). More

    Emission Conformity in All Situations
  • Engineering 4.0: Digitalization of the Powertrain Calibration

    The end of 2017 is about to see the introduction of new RDE regulations for passenger cars that also prescribe emission limits in real-world road traffic over a broad vehicle operating range and demand they be reliably met. This means automobile manufacturers must cover a much wider spectrum of driving situations in engine calibration. All told, this will significantly boost the work involved in testing and validation as many more parameters will have (...). More

    Engineering 4.0: Digitalization of the Powertrain Calibration
  • Development Booster for the Turbocharger

    The market for turbochargers is growing on a massive scale: The increasing diversity of vehicle models makes it necessary to adapt supercharging systems to suit more and more engine variants. Tailor-made solutions of this type are increasing development effort which is why IAV is rethinking its methodology and has linked numerous standalone tools. This is producing better results in a shorter time.In developing turbocharger systems, IAV is right at (...). More

    Development Booster for the Turbocharger
  • “Our Customers’ Success is Our Success Too”

    Developers are under great pressure. Shorter product cycles, more derivatives and digitization, or the growing data volumes associated with it, are some of the major challenges facing developers. Today, this makes it all the more important for them to have first-class development tools that provide room for creativity. On the occasion of IAV’s participation in Testing Expo in June, Utz-Jens Beister, IAV Senior Vice President for Product Solutions, (...). More

    “Our Customers’ Success is Our Success Too”
  • “We Must Breathe Life into Customer Relations”

    The automotive industry is facing radical changes. Traditional functions will take a back seat, progress will manifest itself in new functionalities. Besides autonomous driving, connectivity is at the focus of the automotive industry. In an interview with Hilmar Dunker, editor-in-chief of automotive IT, Pietro Hagemann, Chief Sales Officer at Concardis, Timm Kellermann, Managing Director of Consulting4Drive – IAV’s consultancy business - and (...). More

    “We Must Breathe Life into Customer Relations”
  • On the Road with the Digital Assistant

    The Internet of Things is interconnecting more and more devices in all areas of life. This is producing numerous new options for the car to integrate itself even more deeply in the everyday life of its users. IAV is turning these options into actual solutions that are capable of combining different  areas of life and work – for example, the domains of vehicle, home life and intelligent traffic management.In future, the “digital assistant” (...). More

    On the Road with the Digital Assistant
  • On the Way to Level 5

    Modern driver assist systems, like autonomous cruise control and parking assistance, can intervene in steering, acceleration and deceleration even today. Some test vehicles are already in command of the next stage: highly automated driving. But it will still take a number of years before we will see full automation and cars without a steering wheel.The way to autonomous driving will pass through several levels. At the lowest level (“Level 0”), (...). More

    On the Way to Level 5
  • Highly Automated Vehicle System on the Way to Real-World Application

    Highly automated vehicles that drive to their destination without any action on the part of the driver will soon become part of everyday street life. One of the biggest technical challenges will be to integrate them into the highly dynamic flow of today’s traffic and, at the same time, ensure maximum safety. As a solution to this, IAV is developing a self-contained overall system that connects vehicle and infrastructure. ITS fleets based on this (...). More

    Highly Automated Vehicle System on the Way to Real-World Application
  • Dedicated Hybrid Transmission for Plug-In Vehicles

    In future, vehicle manufacturers will not be able to meet the pending CO2fleet limit values without electrifying their powertrains. IAV has developed a dedicated hybrid transmission with P2 architecture that manages with fewer components and gear speeds than previous transmissions. However, it still permits a noticeable reduction in consumption and carbon emissions, using among others IAV's systematic powertrain synthesis.CO2 fleet emissions are (...). More

    Dedicated Hybrid Transmission for Plug-In Vehicles
  • Driver’s Cab for Tomorrow

    Under EU Directive 2015/719, truck cabs will be allowed to get longer – if this can improve aerodynamics and pedestrian safety. In the commercial vehicle segment, this change has caused quite a stir. Numerous OEMs are already working on design studies. IAV is developing its own concept that meets EU requirements and takes account of the numerous interrelationships with other disciplines.Today, the frontal area of a truck’s cab produces a high (...). More

    Driver’s Cab for Tomorrow
  • Green Logistics on the Last Mile

    No logistics without trucks. But are there any trucks without emissions? This is precisely what IAV is working on with partners in the funded eJIT project. Two electrically driven semitrailer trucks are to demonstrate that the eco-friendly drive system is also suitable for transporting freight. The two e-trucks will be on the road between Zwickau and Leipzig from as early as 2017. One of them will even be fitted with assistance systems for highly (...). More

    Green Logistics on the Last Mile
  • Gaseous-Fuel Engines For More Eco-Friendly Ships

    Engine management based on cylinder pressure makes gaseous-fuel engines on ships more efficient without any negative impact on nitrogen oxide emissions. Studies by IAV and manufacturers of large-bore engines show that this approach permits highly efficient operation of the engine near to its mechanical load limit. Operating all cylinders on equal terms is also recommended in terms of performance.The maritime sector has its equivalent to urban (...). More

    Gaseous-Fuel Engines For More Eco-Friendly Ships
  • A Whole Universe Full of Possibilities

    IAV‘s unique powertrain synthesis gives OEMs an objective basis for taking fundamental strategic decisions about their future vehicle fleet. The method analyzes all powertrain components in an integrated way to obtain the global optimum in terms of efficiency, costs and performance, right through to producing complete modular solutions from millions of possible technology variants. The huge potential of this new method has been verified by initial (...). More

    A Whole Universe Full of Possibilities


  • Making Wind Turbines More EfficientSeptember 25, 2017

    A complete revision of the architecture currently used for controlling wind turbines: this is the approach behind the “eco4wind” research project which is based on a partnership between engineering service provider IAV, as lead partner, and Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg, Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Ruhr University of Bochum and Senvion GmbH. (...) More


  • Looking for the Igniting SparkDecember 2, 2016

    As a result of increasingly strict CO2 limit values, attention is once more focusing on an issue that has been neglected for a while: optimum ignition of the mixture in the cylinder. (...) More

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