• Smart Concepts Instead of Copper Cables

    Power consumption is growing due to the increasing number of electric vehicles. Infrastructure expansion is expensive. What is needed is a solution that reliably covers the power demand of electric vehicles while ensuring that the costs for necessary investment stay on an acceptable level. This is exactly what smart charging promises: smart control of charging processes keeps the power grid in balance while ensuring that vehicle batteries are (...). More

    Smart Concepts Instead of Copper Cables
  • Vehicle In-Cabin Monitoring

    Inexpensive components and the trend to automated driving mean that cameras are being increasingly used in passenger compartments. They enhance passenger comfort and safety, generating highly coveted data for numerous disciplines. IAV has implemented initial pilot projects and supports its customers along the entire development chain.Person or parcel? Current systems for seat occupancy detection cannotnecessarily make the right distinction in (...). More

    Vehicle In-Cabin Monitoring
  • Travelling in the Shell

    Autonomous driving changes everything, including car interiors. IAV is therefore radically redesigning the passenger compartment and presented its "IAV Coquille" at the CES 2019. The seat concept embodies a new way of combining comfort and safety. In future, it could also redefine individual mobility. Up to now, there has been a strict division between driver and passengers in the car: one drives, the others are passengers. Autonomous driving will (...). More

    Travelling in the Shell
  • Inner Sourcing as a Key to Success

    Software development in the automotive sector has been undergoing a process of radical change for many years. Markus Blonn heads the “Software Network” at IAV and wants to position the company even better as a software provider. In the automotion interview, he and Prof. Dr. Dirk Riehle from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen- Nuremberg discuss new requirements and processes as well as the role of open-source software for automotive (...). More

    Inner Sourcing as a Key to Success
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality in HMI Development

    The user interface in the vehicle is becoming more and more important – and increasingly complex – as a mark of differentiation. This is why IAV advocates the use of virtual HMI development: customers can experience design and functions at an early stage, handle driving situations and, on this basis, make well-informed decisions. Hardware prototypes only play a part at the end of the development process.Indicators are merging, displays are (...). More

    Virtual and Augmented Reality in HMI Development
  • Digital Development in Three Dimensions

    A faster and less expensive track to new power units – this is what IAV’s “Trinity” project promises. The greater use of simulation, better intermeshing of CAD and CAE as well as the smart analysis of large data volumes can reduce the time taken to develop the powertrain’s assemblies by up to 15 percent. This can cut costs by as much as 20 percent. The new approach is suitable for developing combustion engines, hybrid powertrains, e-motors (...). More

    Digital Development in Three Dimensions
  • Smart Drill Head

    Drill heads are brimming with sensors and electronics. If problems occur, they need to respond as autonomously as possible. Together with its german client Scientific Drilling International (SDI), located in Celle (Germany), IAV has developed a distributed diagnostic system that is based on approaches from the automotive sector, but also uses solutions that could be of interest for future applications.Nowadays, oil and natural gas reserves can no (...). More

    Smart Drill Head
  • Radically Innovative Step

    The concepts behind automating wind turbines have hardly advanced in the last 20 years and no longer reflect the state of the art. At WindEnergy (September 25 to 28, 2018 in Hamburg), the world’s leading trade show in this domain, IAV showcased for the first time a demonstrator illustrating what is possible with modern open-loop and closed-loop control systems. The model-based approach permits real-time supervisory control which either leads to a (...). More

    Radically Innovative Step
  • Pioneers in RDE Validation

    IAV Kagera generates synthetic real-driving emission (RDE) cycles on the basis of real measurements and, for the first time, provides statistical information on whether emission tests meet the RDE targetsEngine developers are facing a new challenge: since 2017, vehicles must demonstrate in real driving that they comply with the comprehensive requirements of RDE legislation under all conditions. However, test drives cannot be performed in any (...). More

    Pioneers in RDE Validation
  • WiFi Plus LiFi

    Innovations, such as autonomous driving or platooning, are inconceivable without connected vehicles. So far, only wireless-based technology, such as WiFi, has been used for car-2-X data communication. Visible and infrared light are an attractive addition. The optical connection of vehicles provides high data rates, short time lags and a high level of robustness against manipulation and unauthorized reading. IAV has been working on this topic since (...). More

    WiFi Plus LiFi
  • IAV Elocity – Production-Ready Modular E-Powertrain for Commercial Vehicles

    The commercial vehicle segment is seeing a growing demand for electric powertrains. With IAV Elocity, IAV offers a modular e-powertrain that can be tailored to fit the requirements of any customer. The first one to use it will be Tassima, the Berlin-based company which, from 2019, will be converting double-decker tourist buses with diesel engines to environmentally friendly electric drives.Electric mobility in commercial vehicles is really taking off (...). More

    IAV Elocity – Production-Ready Modular E-Powertrain for Commercial Vehicles
  • Harvesting Helpers with 48 Volts

    Higher-precision work processes, more accurate diagnoses and an immediate quantification of harvest results: in agricultural machinery engineering, much speaks in favor of using a 48-volt system that makes it possible to replace some of the mechanical and hydraulic drives with electric motors. Working hand in hand with agricultural machinery manufacturer KRONE, IAV is therefore developing a demonstrator that reveals the potential of electrification (...). More

    Harvesting Helpers with 48 Volts
  • Real-Time Oil Consumption Measurement on the Road

    Oil emissions from the engine waste money and interfere with exhaust gas aftertreatment. IAV has now developed a mobile version of its proven, long-standing measurement technology to cope with this problem. In cooperation with US engine manufacturer Cummins, investigations have been carried out on the road and in real time to demonstrate how oil emissions depend on engine torque and engine speed as well as different driving conditions and operating (...). More

    Real-Time Oil Consumption Measurement on the Road
  • “Only Greater Efficiency Can Resolve the Trade-Off”

    The automation of vehicles, the electrification of their drive systems and digital connectivity of the logistics chain will radically change the market for commercial vehicles. The overriding objective is to improve efficiency so as to ensure that goods can flow reliably in the future too. The transport volume continues to grow but even today, many traffic routes are overloaded and the shortage of truck drivers is coming to a head. automotion (...). More

    “Only Greater Efficiency Can Resolve the Trade-Off”
  • “Artificial Intelligence” is a Logical Step Toward More Efficiency and Quality”

    IAV and the DFKI examine the use of deep learning in engine developmentIn January, IAV and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Kaiserslautern opened their joint FLaP (“learning from test data”) research lab. Five employees are looking at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) analysis methods are suitable for use in the test processes involved in automotive engineering. The focus is on Machine Learning technologies, such (...). More

    “Artificial Intelligence” is a Logical Step Toward More Efficiency and Quality”
  • Configuring Rather than Programming

    Complex data evaluations at the press end of a button and without any programming skills: that is the promise IAV Mara gives. It comes with a complete tool box of mathematical analysis methods that are easily combined to create firmly defined workflows. IAV Mara has proven its worth in automotive development, but is also suitable for all applications involving the analysis of time-based measurement data – for example in the mobility sector, in (...). More

    Configuring Rather than Programming


  • The Path to CO2-neutral Mobility in 2050May 16, 2019

    Vienna Engine Symposium (2019). Mobility must make a noticeable contribution to protecting the climate. It should be completely CO2-neutral by 2050. This is a huge technological challenge, but one for which solutions are already available. At this year's Vienna Engine Symposium (May 15 to 17, 2019), IAV will be showing which technologies make a contribution to achieving this ambitious target. More


  • Customized IAV solutions at the Automotive Testing ExpoMay 21, 2019

    At the Automotive Testing Expo on May 21 to 23 in Stuttgart, the automotive engineering partner IAV will be presenting its full range of engineering, consulting, products and test facilities under the motto "Customized Solutions for You". These are the basic modules that are put together to create individual solutions for customers, even for the most difficult development tasks. More

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