Core Expertise

We offer an unsurpassed breadth and depth of services that undergo continuous enhancement day by day. We are world-class experts not just in the individual disciplines.

Special quality often emerges in perfect interaction between the individual core competencies and special disciplines offered like no other by IAV as full-service, one-stop-shop provider. Time and again, this lets us deal successfully with even the most difficult problems and large-scale projects. Our workforce of more than 8,000 employees has recourse to IAV’s own test facilities, tools and labs that are tailor-made for the specific task and thus only available in our company. We also have another unique selling point in our engineering methods where we tap into the potential of AI and big data as well as virtualization and automation. But all that is nothing without the personal contact to our experts. We look forward to receiving your enquiries.

Powertrain Development

By 2050, the plan is for mobility to become carbon-neutral. To achieve this goal, the course must be set here and now. IAV is not only in full command of all drive systems but also understands the entire vehicle. The result are optimum technical solutions that are also sustainable.

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Automated Driving

From assisted to autonomous driving: new functions according to SAE Level 3 will go into series production in the coming years.

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Less congestion and fewer accidents, lower CO2 emissions – connected vehicles will make traffic far smoother, safer and more sustainable. When it comes to connectivity, IAV has profound methodology expertise and a vast range of innovative concepts and can often provide solutions before customers even ask for them.

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Mobility needs to become more sustainable and play a greater part in protecting our climate. IAV has been working on electric and hybrid drive systems for over 20 years. We always keep a clear focus on the overall "e-mobility" system from the vehicle and charging infrastructure to integration into the smart power grid. With this in mind, we are developing technical solutions and are actively involved in defining new standards.

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Vehicle Development

Broadening existing competencies and generating new expertise: in automotive engineering, IAV responded to change at an early stage, now putting us in a position to build a bridge between the classic automotive world and the modern world of IT. New development methods are speeding up projects and involve fewer prototypes.

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Vehicle Safety

Vehicles have become much safer in recent decades. But we are not satisfied yet: IAV takes the "Vision Zero" approach, aiming for further massive reductions in the number of accidents in future. This is why we combine active and passive vehicle safety in integral safety.

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AI & Big Data

Data volumes in vehicles have been growing for years, and automated driving will increase them further. This is why IAV uses big data methods and artificial intelligence in development work, for fleet analysis, for new driving functions and in after-sales. We have access to a network of internal experts and renowned cooperation partners.

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Product Life Cycle

Our work is by no means at an end when we hand over our engineering results. On request we continue to support our customers with after-sales, quality assurance and eDiscovery as well as software & IT for sales, distribution and service.

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Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are among the top issues in automotive development. Current UNECE WP.29 and ISO/SAE 21434 requirements bring new challenges. For more than 15 years, IAV has been working on concepts for protecting communications within and from vehicles and safeguarding them over the entire life cycle.

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Smart Mobility

An intelligent combination of the various options available will define future mobility. We have an understanding for even complex mobility concepts due to our expertise for the whole vehicle and the know-how we have acquired in analyzing large data volumes. Together with our Digital lab, cutting-edge methods and tools guarantee solutions for continual improvements in the mobility experience.

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Smart Industry

Many industrial companies are currently implementing the digital transformation of their production processes and business models. They often have great problems in finding suitable software to meet their requirements. IAV offers industrial companies customized solutions and services brimming with the experience gained from 35 years of automotive engineering.

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Software & Apps

Increasing numbers of code lines in the car in ever shorter development cycles: developing automotive software and apps demands an overall understanding for the vehicle as well as new working methods and optimum tool chains. IAV takes on the development of complete software packages for both embedded software and apps. More than 800 software engineers and 25 years of experience guarantee innovative solutions from a single source.

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UX & Infotainment

In-car entertainment and intuitive user interfaces (HMI) with high-quality user experience (UX) will be increasingly important criteria when purchasing a vehicle in future. In this context, IAV is developing new solutions that are always geared to the needs of the customer. We are in a position to take on complete projects autonomously from the first design sketches right through to release recommendations in various functional areas.

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